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2011年10月 3日 (月)


Basslog20111003a 夏に荒川で釣りをしていると流れてきたシーバス用みたいなルアー。


Basslog20111003b ビッグベイトだとそんなに大きく感じないサイズだが、普通のルアーっぽいからか、妙に大きく感じる。





A lure such as the Sea Bass use which flowed when I did fishing in river in summer.
Because it was written that I watched the name of the berry with 'RADSPRINGER' of deps, on investigation it was a lure for Bass.
It is size not to feel to be so big when it is big Bait, but I am a normal lure-like or I am strangely big and feel it.
I see ... wanted to considerably use it for a feeling when I read usage of 'RADSPRINGER' in HP.
It was said that introduced three were considerably interesting or thought that there should have been the lure of such a feeling.
There are unexpectedly few lures which can tolerate this in twich in the high speed, and there is not readily the lure which irregular movement at the time of the dog walk can start, and the direction is considerably interested in striped mullet 'which is only Fra available no caution on the' surface of the water by the winding.
I want to go to the fishing (laugh)


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